PA Rehmanns Letter to Munich
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   written by the graduate engineer August Rehmann, extract from the letter dated 
26.July 1969
   to the German Patent Office in Munich. (see page
u. 7.)

  1. In accordance with the subject of this invention the following different arrangements, that would  
      normally require 10 different devices, can be based on one basis design converted either by
      inserting tubes or by the use of wing bolts, the telescopable adjustment being another feature of
      this combination. It should remain clear, however, that the telscopable adjustment as such is not
      the subject of the invention. This technical design feature is well known and is therefore not
      There is, however a big difference between building a  completely new device by inserting cer-
      tain components and merely using the telescopable connection of two tubes to modify one and the
      same device.

  2. Like any single sports device, this universal device can be adjusted for any kind of individual
      sports exercises.
      As already described in detail, the conversion process is as simple as it gets. This is another

      The inventor came upon such a simple way of conversion that it might even be confused with a
      simple telescopable adjustment. In this invention, however, the telecopable element serves the
      simultancous insertion and fixing of new components to the basic unit of the device
. This is
      definitely an innovative solution that deserves to be patented.

      The Patent Attorney

      August Rehmann