Murphy US Patent No. 4 804 179
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    Only the owner of these two patens (Flanigan and Faust) acquired the optimum industrial property rights on the US
    market for the securing of Multi Fitness Benches.

    The rights of the telescopable post of the
US Flanigan Patents expired on 04.02.89 in the USA with the end of the
    patent after 15 years.  (Validity period of the patent foreshortened!) My US patent No. 3,625,511 still had 17
    years!) So it is not surprising that straight away on 14th February 1989 the Murphy US-Patent No. 4,804,179 with a
    vertically standing telescopic post (post for a press/inclined bench and bar) in juxtaposition  to a post of a pull
    machine is being confirmed as a patent in the USA.  (Without the citation of the meanwhile expired Flanigan post
    but with the citation of a Faust Patent which did not have an adjustable post). 
Murphy Canada Patent                Murphy US Patent                   Murphy World Patent

  The specific date for the registration of the Murphy Patent in the USA was consciously chosen because my US Patent
    3,625,511 was to expire in December 1988 after 17 years.  (According to the old validity period of US Patents!)

   Joe Weider lays no claim on the US Murphy Patent of 1989 because this US registration was made in his name. He
    had long become the owner of the Murphy Patent for Canada and Europe.

    With respect to the invention of GB/CA Murphy patent (also Europe wide) a pull machine in combination with
    posts and a flat bench (or exercise bench) and further posts which are in juxtaposition to the posts of the pull
    machine are protected. (Further posts serve for example for placing a barbell in horizontal position).

    Characteristics of the Weider license bench!     See Declaration in Lieu of an Oath

Declaration in Lieu of an Oath


    Objection - Faust US patent no. 4 098 502. With the Faust patent the vertical posts are secured to take a barbell
    and the handhols of the bar (for Dips) and so the Faust patent does not present any obstacle to the post in the
    Murphy patent. Further, the US Flanigan patent no. 3 790 164 (content of which is a telescopic post), which expires
    in February 1989, apparently no longer prevents the confirmation of the rights to a telescopic post (Murphy patent).

    The Murphy US patent (facing posts) immediately took over together in connection with the US Faust patent
    which only expired in 1993 (1987 - 1993) the protection of the posts and of the Variete of the Weider licence bench