Weider Family Center

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      Weiders   Family Fitness Center >>>  in Weider`s Muscle and Fitness 1985


                       Irvine Patent for Canada                 Rennemann Invention


    Rennemanns Invention is the:                                                
      First patented, transportables, telescopic, adjustables, Multi home sports Equipment (with Flatbench,
      Pressbenches, parallell bars, Triceps, Lat, Pull- and Weightmachines, etc.) the World!!   Variete!!!   

                                         The Weider "Big Fitness Center"  

Patents: JatsoMahnke  and Christian. ---  Suitable as mounting on Weider "Family Fitness Center" and Weider "Big Fitness Center".
         Jatso 1975           Mahnke 1976       Christian 1983      Continental - Weider Licensee