Gaul US Patent No. 3,342,485
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                                            A simple exercise bench!!
                           Examiner Richard C. Pinkham, Assistant Richard J. Apley 
   The Gaul patents has no telescopic adjustment! A telescope is where two supporting tubes slide in and
   out, one inside the other. The adjustment in the  Gauls patent is made by means of a hole through which a
   pipe is inserted. This is different to my invention. The height of the Gaul post cannot be adjusted, as in my
   invention, the telescope feature is missing. A telescope which in my sports device allows components to be
   added and attached, removed replaced, shifted and locked. It is part of my invention and of my modular
   system. (Variete). Where, to repeat once again, a simple telescope adjustment is all that is needed to create
   new equipment and new training opportunities. (equipment and exercises  based on the US drawings from

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