Owens US Patent No. 4,637,608
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                                                                 Where is the Flanigan US post and bar?


                               Flanigan bar and post - see Owens Page 4, Figure 6!
   Rennemann US Patent  No.3,625,511
  -----   Owens US Patent No. 4,637,608
                            1972                                                               1987
See in index in Rennemann German patent and Proto-         See in Owens Page 2,   
type:  the telescopable, adjustable and lockable posts        the telescopable, adjustable and lockable posts              Figure D/Pressbench     Figure E/Inclinebench                  Figure 1 Pressbench - Figure 2 Incline Bench      


           Figure C 
    the telescopable, adjustable and lockable posts
         Owens Page 3
  the telescopable, adjuststable and lockable posts


    Figure F  The Bar in Prototype and in the
US Main
    Drawing Figure 1 and F.

      Owens Bar in Page 4, Figure 6



    Figure G/H Lat.- Tricepsmachine
         Owens Lat- Tricepsmachine Page 4, Figure 7


    Figure B Curling Table in US Main Drawing  and in

         Owens Table in Page 4, Figure 8

    Figure J and K  Pullmachines
         Owens, Pullmachine Page 5, Figure 14