Rogers US Patent No. 4,319,747
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                                 Rogers US Patent No. 4,319,747    Mar. 16, 1982

                                        US-Examiner Richard C. Pinkham

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 In arrangement:

                       Rennemanns Bench Figure 1                                     Rogers  Bench-- Page 2, Figure 1


Bench with verticale, hollow posts for component system         Bench with vertikale, hollow posts for 
  See Component System, Prototype on A-M                                       component system. S
ee 12 and 12a


The telescopable, adjustable and lockable posts      The telescopable, adjustable and lockable posts Fig. 6            

         Rennemann German Patent 1908 220                                            Rogers Patent
                          Main Drawing 1969                                                                
           Tubes of Figure 8 into the hollows               Tubes into the hollow Posts 12 and 12a.   Figure 9  (Bench)
           posts the Flat Bench Figure 1
                                                   Rennemann Invention 
                                                     no Patent Drawing