Flanigan US Patent No. 3 790 164
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Examiner Richard C. Pinkham

The Flanigan patent comprised rights that had belonged to my US patent and that were now missing. Rights that had been established in the German patent no. 1 908 220 two years ago.

  1.   Rights to the telescoping, adjustable and lockable mast in combination with all kinds of components. 
  Protection of right for a horizontal parallel line, branching off from the vertical support, in upper position.
       It was also striking that the Flanigan registration is dated 21 February 1973 which is one day after the last
chance to correct my US rights had passed on 20 February (1973). This period is counted from the day of
German registration, 20 February (1969) and encompassed almost one year, starting on the day of the
issuing of the German patent - the rights of which were confirmed correctly - on 20 April 1972. The US
       market is immediately covered by a "Flanigan" registration which was complete and waiting in the drawer to

       be taken out and used

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